Trauma-informed group intervention for teens & transitional-age youth

ReScripted is anchored in embodiment practices. By utilizing the power of play, theater, and movement, our program helps to promote the development of a whole healthy self.

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“I could participate in a way that felt comfortable for me”

ReScripted engages participants in games, activities, and scene work to target the development of specific skill modules such as regulation, problem solving, identity development, or perspective taking.



ReScripted follows the trajectory of Act, Embody, and Empower.

These phases describe a way for our participants to focus on gaining familiarity with key concepts, increasing awareness of their internal experience, and internalizing and implementing skills to make active choices in their lives.

All participants in our 2022 summer cohort self-reported improvement in at least one of the following areas:

Interoception — a sense that helps you understand and feel what's going on inside your body, allows us to answer the question “How do I feel?”

Self-regulation — the ability to understand and manage your behaviour and your reactions to feelings and things happening around you

Active Choice-making making choices that honor the internal experience and foster development of agency and safety


Experiences of psychological trauma profoundly change our relationship with our body. 

Our Mission

The Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI is dedicated to creating body-first models of care for survivors of complex trauma. We recognize that complex trauma is both interpersonal and systemic and that quality care models require attention to both dynamics. In the course of developing our programs, we commit to a continuous process of learning through actively engaging in relationships with survivors of complex trauma, practitioners and community leaders from wide-ranging perspectives in order to inform our work and our growth as an organization.

Proceeds provide direct service initiatives to survivors of trauma through our programming, public classes, and trainings.

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